Just in - Sort conversations in tickets :)

Hello everyone,

Scrolling through a ticket to see the latest responses is hard, particularly when there are a lot of conversations happening back and forth. With sort conversations, you no longer need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a ticket to see the latest response.

As an admin, you can now choose the order in which the conversations appear on a ticket. You can set the preference at the account level from the Admin > Helpdesk page. 

We also showed this to a lot of our customer champions as a part of our User Research calls to get some feedback on the ticket details page revamp. While a lot of them liked the idea of an account level setting, they also preferred the option to allow agents to set their own. We've made it easier for the agents to set their own preference from the profile settings page.

This is available for all the accounts starting from the new Blossom plan and onwards. If you're unsure about where to start, please have a look at this article and don't forget to tell us what you think about this feature :)


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Am I the only person that can't find this under Admin>helpdesk? ( I am the admin on this account) I've cleared cache, logged out etc.

I am unable to see this, do we need it adding to our accounts?

This is awesome! 

I assume it's still being rolled out to users as I don't see this option either. 

same here :(

@all, The feature is rolled out only for the new signups. For existing accounts in the 2019 plans, it'll be rolled out gradually over the course of the week.


Aravind, will this be available for Estate Classic, too?

Please activate this feature for our account. Thanks!

@Marvin @Wouter, Unfortunately, the feature is available only on the new plans (starting from Blossom). You can choose to switch to the new plans from the Admin > Plans and Billing section.


I tested this widget on an example web page: https://freshdesk-widget.jouwweb.nl/ 

However, if you click the support-icon, the 'contact us' option is not in view, because there are too many solutions being shown.

Furthermore it would be nice if we could open the widget using our own button.

Just to confirm, as an existing customer, we will not benefit from this development?

Wait.. what?

Is this only available for new signups and new accounts?

What about the existing users who where asking for this for years?

I am a loyal customer for over 4 years now. I wanted this option since the beginning.

And now it is there only for new customers?

I think I've misread it?

Hi Aravind S, we are on Blossom plan and installed the Mint version in 2018. Will you roll out this feature for us as well?



@Aravind  So I'm confused by your posts. I'm on Estate Classic, and I won't be getting this feature?  

@Aravind, I agree with Dennis van Orsouw, I've been a loyal customer for over 4yrs, have recommended your product to others and find out that my monthly chargers that fund your ongoing development, don't apply to me unless I update my current plan (Garden 2016), which in-turn has had features removed from it (Multiple Products), and are now only available on the Estate plan and up. 

So in short, after 4yrs of loyalty I don't receive the latest product developments unless I update my plan to a more expensive one, to retain my existing features!?!? If this is the case, I think I have been complacent, and need to investigate what the helpdesk support solution landscape is like out there in 2019. 

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