Allow ticket view builder to EXCLUDE tickets with a specific tag

The agents in our organization would like to be able to create views that exclude tickets with specific tags. Right now there is only the functionality to filter tickets that INCLUDE specific tags.

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This has come up a couple of times for our agents, the ability to exclude things from views would be a great addition 

Agreed. Prefixing with a "-" or "!" would be ideal

Yep, we need this too!

Yes please.  The ability to exclude tags specifically, but exclude options on any of the fields would be useful - perhaps through some kind of advanced search tool.


Thanks for the feedback. The ask is fair. 

We will add this to our backlog and will keep you posted when we prioritise this request.

Thanks again.



Product @ Freshservice

Just adding my voice to this request. We raise internal tickets in FreshService for agents to work on and would like to be able to exclude these from our dashboard. Currently this is impossible to do other than building a filter list that include all the statuses except the one used for these specific tickets. 

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