Sort conversations, eBay integration and a few bug fixes - Release notes through the second and third week of March,2019


  1. Sort conversations on tickets:

                    With the new sort conversations feature, agents can see the latest responses in a ticket, right at the top. This is available for all the accounts starting from the new Blossom plan and onwards.

  2. eBay tickets in Freshdesk Mint:

                    With this update, you'd now be able to respond to tickets created from your eBay account, right from Freshdesk.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Team Dashboards - Widget count becomes zero if the filter contains Unicode characters:

            If any field value had  ê,é or similar non-english characters, they weren't parsed properly and hence the widget erred out. Fixed now.

  2. Unable to copy-paste multiple email addresses in CC, BCC fields: 

            Agents were unable to copy paste email addresses if there was a blank space between the value and the delimiter. This has been handled now.

  3. Using 'SetOptions' Interface API to set the ticket group:

            The group values were set only for the first time based on the conditions defined in this app (Set Ticket Field options) and it failed for successive updates. Fixed now.

  4. Empty cells in tables:

            Tables with empty cells weren't handled properly when copy-pasted from an external source (G sheets, Excel, etc.). The empty cells got filled with values from the next cell/column leaving the last column/cell empty. Fixed now.

  5. Custom mailbox - Delete emails option:

            The checkbox to delete emails from the server (Admin-> Email setting -> Incoming mail server) gets checked even if the user clicks anywhere near that option. Fixed.

  6. Interface API to hide 'forward' option:

            The interface API hid the global forward option but not the ones that appear on every conversation cards on a ticket. Fixed now.

  7. Edit option in table view is misaligned on IE11:

            In IE11, the edit option in the table view gets misaligned and appears at the bottom of the page. Fixed now.

  8. Setting the 'From' address using the app doesn't work as expected:

            The 'Customise From email address' app allows you to change the from address on replies/new ticket page based on the group/type selected. This worked only for the first time and if the group value was changed, the email was still sent from the previously chosen address (although it appeared right on the UI). Fixed now.

  9. UI breakage in ticket reply/forward:

            In German or any other language where the character length exceeds the expected limit, the reply/forward box was slightly misaligned. Fixed now.

  10. Orders were not fetched from Shopify:

            Due to a case mismatch in email address, the order information from Shopify wasn't fetched as expected. This has been fixed now.



eBay tickets in Freshdesk Mint:


Is there a guide to its setup?

Does this new sort order, mean in the API for Conversations we can also now change the sort order of the response?

@Frank, You can set it up under Admin > e-commerce section. For more details, please follow the instructions here.

@Carl, Unfortunately, the sort order option works only on the UI.

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