New marketplace apps and a few bug fixes - Release notes through the last week of March, 2019

Bug fixes:

  1. Font size mismatch in replies:

            There was a slight difference in the font size between the draft replies and the replies that actually get sent. This has been fixed now.

  2. Missing solution article links in the ticket page:

            Due to a recent change, the Customer Journey feature was broken and so the articles visited by the customer before submitting the ticket didn't show up on the ticket page. Fixed.

  3. Email notifications on editing a topic:

            The notifications for new topic posted were getting triggered every time an existing topic was updated, resulting in a flurry of emails to the forum subscribers. Fixed now.

  4. Freshconnect widget trigger:

            On typing 'd' in replies, the shortcut for the Freshconnect widget was getting activated. This has been fixed.

Apps marketplace:

  1. VSTS: Sync your Freshdesk tickets with the work items in VSTS using this integration. Agents can create work items in VSTS, update notes, replies, and sync statuses between Freshdesk and VSTS.

  2. Sync ticket field from Freshchat: With this app, you can now sync the information collected via the Freshchat form with the ticket fields in Freshdesk while converting a chat into a support ticket.

  3. Required fields based on the option: With this app, you can define fields to be mandatory only on specific conditions.


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