Introducing Proactive Support - Email Outreach

Hello everyone,

We are excited to launch Proactive Support - Email Outreach which allows you to easily communicate with a large number of customers about any issues or outages.

With email outreach, you can now send out emails to multiple customers proactively to let them know about any ongoing issue. Let’s say you are an e-commerce business and there’s a shipping delay (several customers have placed orders, but shipments haven’t been dispatched from the warehouse yet), you can now send out an email to all those customers informing them about the delay proactively, in one shot.

All responses to these emails will be created as tickets giving you more context.

Possible use cases:


  1. Inform customers about a scheduled maintenance

  2. Identify an issue in advance and inform all the impacted customers

  3. Send out an email to customers regarding a product change or update

This feature is in beta and is enabled for a few customers who are on the Garden plan and above. You can have a look at the solution article here to know more. 

You can watch this video to understand how to set up an outreach.

Let us know what you think. We would love to get your feedback :)


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Can we have this applied to our account?

You already had something like this.  It is not useful for my business.  I would prefer that you stop spending time adding fairly meaningless features and focus energy on fixing the bugs that were introduced by adding all the other useless stuff we never asked for.  Some of these bugs have gone unresolved for months and months.  Your priorities seem misplaced.


How does this work with multiple products?  And is it three sends per account or per product?


can this be activated for our account? Thank you!

@Sam.parris @Frank.buergerhoff I am afraid to say we can't enable this for your accounts yet. We are rolling this feature out in phases. But we have noted your interest and will keep you posted once we have made progress.
@Trace Symonds You can choose the 'from' email in the compose email step to change which product support email address you would like to send the outreach from. It works similar to the New Email option. Yes, it's currently three outreaches per account per month. 

@Pranav - thank you!  Please add our site to the list for the beta.  Always happy to test! (


This would be INCREDIBLY useful for our business. Any chance of enabling the beta on our account?

@Gregg, I can understand your frustration around the bugs (particularly the insert link issue) that have been there for quite sometime now. Trust me, you'll see a lot of them getting fixed in the next few weeks' time. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been focussing on fixing a lot of known issues and some priority ones and they all are in different stages of testing as of now. 

You'll see a considerable improvement when these bug fixes see the light of the day.


@Trace Symonds @Jessica Drinnan It would have been enabled for your accounts already. Please have a look and let us know your feedback :)


 We would love to give this a try if you could add this to our account:


Hello Pranav.

Hope you are doing well.

Can you enable the feature for us?

Thanks a lot,


@Lizier @Antoine, Enabled 'Proactive outreach' for your accounts. Please give it a try and share your feedback here :)


Can you enable the feature for us?


Some feedback: as for now, we won't be using this feature. It requires too much technical knowledge from our agents to upload a CSV file themselves. 

We would like to use this feature for ad hoc communication in case of e.g. a problem that might affect part of our customer base. We are already syncing all contacts from our backend software to Freshdesk, so all our customers and their contacts are known in Freshdesk. 
It would be great if you could select (part of your) contacts database in Freshdesk (without having to export, filter in Excel, re-import CSV) when creating a proactive outreach campaign, based on some filters on the contacts' fields.

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