integration and a few bug fixes - Release notes through the second half of April, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  1. Values filled in ticket fields are lost after replying to a ticket: 

    When agents reply to tickets and if there are unsaved ticket field values, they get cleared out on sending the reply. This is because of the page refresh that happens after every reply. This has been fixed now.

  2.  cc_email is set to nil for tickets created through Freshcaller: 

    Any ticket created via Freshcaller has the cc value set to nil, because of which the cc emails weren't getting updated even via automation rules. Fixed now

  3. {{helpdesk_name}} placeholder resolves to portal_name:

    The helpdesk_name placeholder added the portal name instead of the actual account name in replies. Fixed now.

  4. Custom dashboards - bar chart: 

    Bar charts categorised by internal agent or group wasn't working as expected. Fixed now.

  5. Ticket export - date range calendar distorted in Hebrew language

  6. Issue with Simple SSO:

    A missing param user.current lead to failure of Simple SSO authentication across Freshdesk accounts. Fixed now.

  7. Ticket properties were not getting updated if SLA status was off:

    Sometimes, agents were unable to close/update a ticket and were shown the error message "It cannot be set, when the status of the ticket doesn't have SLA timer on".
    This happens in the case when an agent merges two tickets and they try to close or update the primary ticket without refreshing the page. Fixed now.

  8. Installation of MailChimp integration was failing due to update. Fixed campaign API call:
    We recently changed the API version in Mailchimp integration to make use of the latest one since V1.3 was deprecated.

    However, one of the APIs that we use to set up the integration was still on version 1.3. People trying to set up the MailChimp integration fresh and anew weren't able to do so because of this. This has been fixed now.

  9. Unable to edit group/agents drop-down using the interface API on the new ticket page:

    The interface API to set the values for the group/ agent drop-down in the new ticket page was not working. This is fixed.

  10. Missing contents of email conversation due to inline hidden class:

    While displaying the ticket in Mint, the classes of the inline styles were not removed. If there’s a <pre> tag, the content inside it is displayed as a table and if the incoming email content is wrapped in a class named 'hidden', that piece of content gets hidden.

  11. Images not maintaining the aspect ratio when inserted:

    Images on tickets won’t scale properly with respect to the aspect ratio and were disproportionate. This has been fixed now.

  12. Dispatch’r rule - Only one agent email is shown in activities:

    When a Dispatch’r rule executes an action of sending emails to multiple agents, the ticket activities mistakenly show only one agent against "Email sent to agents". This has been fixed.

  13. Draft not associated to the ticket is loaded thus ending up with reply posted in the wrong ticket:

    A draft response associated with a particular ticket is sent as a reply to a different ticket. A fix has been applied to prevent this scenario from happening again.

  14. Skill Based Round Robin (SBRR) not getting triggered:

    If an Observer rule was used to set an unassigned ticket to an SBRR-enabled group, it did not get triggered and the tickets remained unassigned. This has been fixed now.

  15. Issue with the new ticket page:

    When the CC field on the new ticket page is clicked, it opens the “Assign To” section instead. This is now fixed.

  16. Same email gets added twice to private notes in the notify section:

    An email address could get added multiple times to the notify section. This is now fixed.

  17. The Font tag gets removed from canned response:

    While inserting the canned response with the HTML font tag, the style got removed. This is now fixed.

  18. Removing undone message from quoted text:

    Even after using Undo Send, the message still showed up in the quoted text of the next reply. This is now fixed.

  19. Survey response label is showing the wrong name:

    Survey response label is showing the wrong name. Instead of showing the name of the agent, it is showing the note's requester name. This is now fixed.

  20. User updated properties get jumbled in activities:

    At times, multiple activities happening at the same time weren't shown in the right order on ticket activities. This happened due to microsecond difference between the execution of these events. This has been fixed.

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We tried to replicate the problem in #1 after the fix was released and unfortunately was successful in doing so. One of our agents entered values in multiple ticket fields, did not click Update, then sent a reply to our requestor and the values disappeared from the fields.

Thanks in advance for looking in to this!

@Sami, Is this still happening in your account? The agents get a buffer time, where they can go ahead and click the 'Update' button after sending the reply. That would assign the new values selected unless they prefer to refresh the page.


@Aravind S - Issue #1 is not resolved.  It has happened to me a few times including today.  I continue to be disappointed in Freshdesk's ability to fix anything at all.

@Aravind S - Do you have an update for @Sami and I about issue #1?  It is very, very frustrating when this happens and it is quite disappointing that your fix failed.  What is plan B?  Is there any chance that it will be fixed in time for the next Winter Olympic Games?

@Aravind S - This is still happening, however I submitted a ticket to Freshdesk support last week with video captures and received the following response the evening of 5/21/19 so I'm hopeful for a fix to come out soon. We will be on the look out! Thanks for the follow up!

"​The above issue is being worked on again and we will roll out a fix for the bug soon. We will keep you posted with an update at the earliest." 

@Gregg and @Sami, Do you have 'Undo Send' enabled in your profiles? We've uncovered a case where the value filled in text fields are lost on sending a reply with the 'Undo Send' feature enabled. If that's the case, can you please turn off 'Undo Send' and see if the issue still persists?


@Aravind S - I did have it originally enabled but then turned it off during my troubleshooting steps with Freshdesk support. I believe they have already identified the issue and are working towards a fix. Ultimately we want to re-enable the email undo send feature and have the problem corrected permanently. Again, hopeful to see this come to fruition. Thanks for following up!

Yes @Sami. We're working on re-factoring 'Undo Send' and its something that we wanted to finish on priority. Hopefully, post the re-factoring of the code, these conflicts wouldn't arise again.


So I can have 'Undo send' or a more reliable process, not both?  That is an awkward choice.

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