Microsoft Flow Enhancements

I am not sure if Freshworks is responsible for the Freshservice connector in Flow. But if so I would like to see the following.

  • Update trigger to allow act on updates as well as new tickets
  • Include additional areas such as Problems, Changes, Releases, Agents, and Requestors
  • Acess to tasks from Flow

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@freshService Will this be something added soon?

@Justin.proctor, I have heard nothing from Freshworks on this.  I have been working on some flow integration on my own to resolve some MAJOR limitation in their workflow engine.  I have to dedicate some time for this but I think that I could get this to work correctly.

What I am thinking is that an action node in FS triggers a webhook which could then trigger a PowerAutomate workflow, which would modify the ticket.  All of this could be done with the API.  I have a proof of concept flow that updates a ticket via the API. If you think this could be helpful to you please let me know.

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