New interface APIs to enhance app building experience and a few bug fixes - Release notes through 15th June, 2019


  1. Default CAPTCHA to combat spam:

    CAPTCHA is now enabled by default to avoid the creation of SPAM tickets through portal. CAPTCHA is enabled by default for ticket creation on the portal and for the feedback widget. Additionally, the feedback widget also has HTTPS enabled.

  2. Changes to Data API and new interface APIs to enrich the app building experience:

    The following APIs were added to the Ticket Details page:

Bug Fixes/changes:

Ticket page:

  1. Images added to tickets weren't scaled properly:

    Images added to tickets showed up in disproportionate sizes in some cases. Fixed now.

  2. Issue with the new ticket page:

    The Assign-To field was preventing other fields from opening up on the new ticket page. For example, when the CC field was clicked, the Assign-To field popped up making it difficult to add CC to the tickets.

  3. Facebook Direct Messages - icon:

    For tickets created through Facebook, the ticket details page didn’t indicate that it was a direct message unless the page is refreshed. This is now fixed.

  4. Survey response label showing the wrong name:

    Instead of attributing the survey response to the agent, it was showing the requester's name in tickets. Fixed now.

  5. MINT - Date fields set to system timezone in UI:

    When an agent updates a date field, the selected value doesn’t get set and instead, the previous date value was showing up on the ticket. This happened when there was a mismatch between the helpdesk timezone and the system timezone.This has been fixed now.

  6. Missing inline images:

    When a response from a ticket is split into a new ticket, it didn't carry any of the inline images added earlier. This has been fixed now.

  7. Random appearance of the Freshcaller widget:

    The Freshcaller widget would either open each time a new Freshdesk window was opened or would be randomly opened while clicking on something else on the page. Once the widget appears, it wouldn’t stay closed. This is now fixed.
  8. Unable to view images in lightbox if they're part of the ticket description:

    Inline images added to tickets can be previewed by clicking on them. It opens up the lightbox and allows the agent to glance through multiple images in the same page. It didn't work for the images in the ticket description and the agents had to open them up in a new tab all the time. Fixed now.

  9. Merge - Images missing:

    When secondary tickets get deleted, the inline images added to the primary ticket through the merge action appear to be broken. Fixed now.


  1. Private notes - Notify to section:

    An email ID could get added multiple times to the notify section. Fixed now.

  2. Issues with inserting links in tickets:

    Multiple issues related to the 'Insert link' option have been fixed. Following are the list of issues that were fixed:

    • When the user inserted a link after selecting the text, the user had to deselect the text as the text selection is preserved.
    • When user copy-pasted the link in the editor, the entire content was hyperlinked. This happened if there was no text preceding the link.
    • The complete domain name didn’t get hyperlinked. For example, was shown instead of
    • The pop-up with icons on the hyperlinked text appeared even after the hyperlink was removed.

      Issues when the user uses shortcuts (Cmd+K/Ctrl+K) to insert links:

    • The cursor didn’t appear in the URL box.
    • The selected text was inserted again. For example, if the words “click here” was hyperlinked using the shortcut, the words “click here” appeared twice.
    • The link was inserted at the bottom of the page instead of creating a hyperlink the selected text.

  3. Setting the From email address using the app does not work

    While using the Customize From Email Address App to forward emails, the “from email” field was set according to the settings in the app, but the email was actually sent from a different email address. This is fixed now.

  4. Unable to add empty notes in Mint:

    If you add a blank note with just the attachment, the note body is set to "Not Given". This has been fixed now.

Ticket list page:

  1. Ticket export - Watcher view:

    In the ticket export for 'I'm watching' list view, it didn't just give the tickets where the agents were added as watchers and instead, all tickets created in the selected time period were included. Fixed now.

  2. Issue with ticket filters when the agent language is in Arabic

    The filter params were sent in Arabic language and hence the error. Fixed now.

Automations and reports:

  1. Dispatch'r rule - emails sent to agents:

    If a Dispatch'r rule has been configured to send emails to multiple agents, the activities on a ticket showed only one agent and not the entire list. Fixed.

  2. Issue with the Skill Based Round Robin:

    If an Observer rule was used to set an unassigned ticket to an SBRR-enabled group, it did not get triggered and the tickets remained unassigned. This has been fixed now.

  3. Child ticket not inheriting section field value in multiple sections:

    When a child ticket is created from the ticket page, the dynamic field values weren't carried over from the parent ticket to the “create child ticket” window. This has been fixed now.

  4. Unable to add CC action in Dispatch'r:

    Admin was not able to perform Add CC action in the Dispatch’r rules. Fixed now.

  5. Arabic characters in the CSAT URL:

    When the user language is set to Arabic, the CSAT URL had the date parsed in Arabic numerals, resulting in an error. This has been fixed.

  6. Bug with the satisfaction survey reports:

    Supervisors with group access were able to see all tickets in the survey report even though it didn't belong to the groups they are a part of. Fixed.


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