Introducing Freshdesk Analytics [BETA]

We have launched revamped reporting module for Freshdesk [Beta]

Major highlights

  • Custom reports - Ability to create own reports with enhanced visualisations
  • Curated reports - Upgraded out of the box reports from FD
  • Exports and schedules
  • New metrics - (Offering higher flexibility with data + advanced ticketing metrics)
  • Build as a platform - Ability to quickly add more capabilities in a scalable manner

You can checkout the overview video here.

Custom reporting capability is explained in the below video.

We will be enabling in batches soon for all customer based on their plans. Click reply to enter your account URL and get beta access now.

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This will be a very welcome update! Looking forward to it.

Will this be available to all plans?

This looks great! I would love to have this added to our account for beta testing.

Hi there, 

Amazing, we are looking forward to have this as part of the product.

It would be great to have a capability to share dashboards by agent group (not only me or everyone)

Could you enable the beta on our accounts 


Thanks a lot,

can you please enable for my account??

Please enable this on my account for beta!

Looks great!

Please enable this on my account ! Thanks 

When will this be rolled out?  Can I get on the beta team?

Can you please enable this for our account? Thanks!

Can you please enable for my account! Thank you!

Could you enable it for our account? Thank you

Could you enable it for my account? Thanks!

Hi ! Could you enable it for my account? Thank you in advance!

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