Employee Onboarding enhancements

I'm excited to have the new Employee Onboarding feature but there are still some hurdles that are preventing us from fully utilizing this tool.

  1. Checklists - "Requested items" just be in a checklist form so we can mark them complete as we work through them. 
  2. Dynamic Request Items - We would like to see specific fields/service request items/etc. be presented during the employee onboarding steps for HR, employee, and reporting manager based on the new hire's company, location, department, and title. 
  3. Autofill Common Fields - Fields such as name, email, reporting manager, company, location, department, and title should autofill throughout the Employee Onboarding process.
  4. Hidden Request Items - We have some things that need to happen for any user that needs certain access or privilege but don't want it to be visible to the requesters. More of a "you selected this, we will also do this without you knowing" kind of set up.

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I would also like to be able to see a report on the Onboarding transactions that are waiting on completion by the Hiring Manager.  We occasionally have a manager who's less than diligent about completing the form which causes the account creation ticket to be delayed.

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