Any control over message after a ticket is submitted?

Currently, when a ticket is submitted, a default message pops up at the top of the page that states: "Your ticket has been created and a copy has been sent to you via email." Can we modify that message?

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Hi Robert

This message is handled from our end and hence, we have not given those FLASH MESSAGES any customization options.

BTW, What changes would you like to make to the messages ? It would be helpful for us too.




Hi There,

We have several Freshdesk products in our company and one of our sub companies wish to remove the message :  submitted a new Ticket to %Company% and requested that we copy you. when using CC from a ticket in Freshdesk - I can see above that this is controlled from your end but can we request to have this turned off for a particular company?

Kind Regards,


Hi Nick,

Though the option to customise the messages on the portal is still not available, it is now possible to control the email notification that gets sent to the user when he/she is copied in the ticket. 

You can modify the message under Admin -> Email notifications -> CC notifications section.


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