FR - Canned responses - Solutions should be available for new tickets

 As the title says.

Currently there is no way to start a new ticket and include a canned response or other support contents.

It means you have to send the customer a new ticket telling them that you will support them and ask them to hang on while you get back to them.


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I second that, I was about to open a support ticket about this.

This would be awesome to us !

@freshdesk: please!!!!!

Definitely need this!

yes zendesk does this very well and a similar format is essential  

This is something that we really need also. Is it something being considered ???

Hey everyone, 

We are currently gathering requirements for this feature. I will keep you posted with the updates. 

This is an ABSOLUTE must!  Loved this on Zendesk

This would be a GREAT added feature to help ENHANCE our workflow process!!!!!

This is greatly needed to increase our efficiency.  Thank you for your consideration of this feature.

Having the canned response available in the initial ticket would allow us to manage our time more efficiently rather than 2 steps.

Thank you.

While at it, it would be great if we could also be able to create a new canned response, when creating or replying to a support ticket.

finally we are getting some push behind this ticket!

A signature to a new ticket would be helpful as well.

Freshdesk Support,

Do you have a status on this requested feature? I know you show the status as planned, but we really would love to have this feature!