Newline characters are inconsistent when editing email templates.

After adjusting the default email templates I've found white space to be very inconsistent between the text editor on Freshdesk and the emails I receive.

In Freshdesk's email editor:

Viewed in browser (Chrome) on my Gmail client.

Anyone else?

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Hey Luke

I just now tried this in your portal and seems to come up fine.

Please check the screenshot attached.

BTW, did you use ENTER or SHIFT+ ENTER now ? Because SHIFT+ENTER should give you 1 line break


Hi Vijay, thanks for getting back to me.

I used ENTER to add new lines.

While I've resolved the issue on my end, I actually had to copy and paste the default template into a desktop text editor in order to get the layout I was looking for.

I'm using a Linux based operating system, my first guess is that your default templates are using windows or mac line endings. Unix line endings tend to have better cross platform support.

I think others are likely to encounter similar problems, so let me know if I can be of further assistance.

All the best,


Understood Luke

Will pass it on to the Dev Team