Showcase your support ratings to win goodies worth $50,000!

At Freshdesk, we want to make sure you delight and wow your customers with an exceptional support experience. That's why we're launching the 'Say Cheese' campaign today to award businesses with awesome support ratings. By showcasing your ratings publicly, you can stand a chance to win $50,000 of goodies from us.

Here's how you can get started:
  1. Sign up for Freshdesk if you don't have an account already and start supporting your customers.
  2. Enable satisfaction surveys and start collecting ratings from them.
  3. While you're at it, fill out the registration form on this page to enroll in the contest.
  4. Download the Fresh Smiles kit from this GitHub page. The kit uses the Freshdesk API and runs on PHP/MySQL to store and display your support ratings. 
  5. Install it in your server by following the instructions in this GitHub page - you could display the ratings on like we've done or somewhere else!
  6. We'll look at your ratings in January and send you goodies for great scores.

We'll be giving away nerf guns, smiley balls, tees, headsets, plush toys, hoodies, bobble heads, free Pressable accounts, and more. Participate to win!

Question about this. We have been wanting to display out satisfaction reports on our website for a while, goodies are just a bonus. I am curious however, can we follow these instructions and place this using our current WordPress site?

Also how does it display? Can we i-frame it? Will it look just like it does above and pick a random comment from our customers and display it, or will they be able to scroll through all of them?


Joseph Stacavich

Scalable Software

Hi Joseph,

Yes, you can definitely make an iframe for the Smiles page. Right now, it isn't possible to display comments from your customers. 

You can place the same iframe inside your WordPress sites as well. Just go to you Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New Page, hit Text in the WordPress Editor and embed the iframe there.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Sorry to be a pain but I really can't work out how to get this set up on our web server.  The instructions are very vague.  Is there a step by stop process anywhere?


I'm sorry you're having a tough time. You'll first need to download this kit and then follow the instructions below to get FreshSmiles up and running. If these steps don't work, shoot us an email: and we'll help you out. 


PHP, MySQL, Cron, Curl for PHP


  • Setup a MySQL Table using /scrips/schema.sql
  • Copy /inc/config-sample.php to /inc/config.php (local or private deployment)
  • Copy /inc/smiley-config-sample.php to /inc/smiley-config.php (local or private deployment) 
  • Setup /scripts/cron.php to run via cronjob (1 hour or more)


  • Setup Project with DeployHQ
  • Setup config files in DeployHQ (config.php & smiley-config.php) 
  • Deploy Project
  • And you're done!

Feel free to get back to us if you're facing trouble. 


It'd be interesting adding the ability to enable to show the average response and/or resolve timings

 nice site

So did anyone actually win on this? 


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