Cc'd email addresses aren't parsed correctly.

There is a bug with the "reply" functionality that's really annoying. Here's how you reproduce:

  1. Hit the "Reply" button in a Ticket
  2. Paste the following text into the cc box:
    "User, Test" <>
  3. Move the cursor out of the cc box
  4. --> You'll see the cc'd email address as two separate recipients

I posted a similar bug 8 months ago ( but it still hasn't been fixed.

1 person has this problem

Hey Zach, 

Sorry for not updating you on this issue. 

As of now, the CC field accepts email addresses or manually typing in a contact name in order to fetch a matching contact from the auto-populated drop down list. 

This is why, it doesn't accept when you copy paste an email address along with the contact name, and treats it as a different contact altogether. 

I hope you understand, Zach. 



Hi Anna,

This is a parsing issue that also occurs when someone emails in a ticket while someone cc'd using the format "User, Test" <>. Manually typing it into the cc field is simply an easier way to reproduce the parsing bug.

Can you please fix it?



Hey Zach, 

I will surely discuss this with my developers are get back to you with an update, as soon as I can. 


Thank you, Anna!

Hey Zach,

I have notified my developers on this issue and they will soon be rolling out a fix for it. 

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA as of now. 

Will keep you posted for sure 



Thank you, Anna!

We have the same problem here, and it is a real waste of time - our agents need to really carefully watch the recipient list and manually fix it before sending out our replies. It would be great if you could fix this asap - come on, it's only a slight parsing bug, your developers should be able to correct that in no time!

If you need any regexp-expert assistance, I can offer some support from my colleagues on that, if that helps.

Please bump this up on the priority list, it's a bug and a time waster.  Thanks!


Apologies for not being able to update this post earlier. We know it's pretty bad to be less active on the forums and we're trying hard to make sure we engage actively with the community .

We had this bug fixed long back and should you face any issues, please shoot us an email on .


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