Corrupted Microsoft Documents

 Sometimes when we receive an attachment in a ticket that is a Microsoft document of some kind (usually Word or Publisher), we can't open it and it says the file is corrupted.

Yet, if the person emails it to our personal email, we receive it, and then can open it with no problems at all.

We have researched this and we did find one instance, a link was in the document, and depending on the settings in Word, Microsoft does not like it when there is a link in a document that is being sent via the web.  I turned off all the settings that the Microsoft documentation said to, but this has not resolved all the issues.

Freshdesk support can not duplicate the problem, even when I provided them with an example to use.

Is anyone out there having any issues like this and is there a solution?

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We're also finding this to be a problem.  It's not always happening but there have certainly been more than a handful of times when the attachment is corrupt and we have had to ask for it to be emailed directly to the support agent which obviously defeats the object of having the helpdesk system.

Would be great to have a solution to this.


I'm having a similar problem, except it's an attached PDF. No links though, as it's just a scanned document from our copier. Same thing, we have to ask our user to send through the email program, which defeats the purpose of the Freshdesk ticket system.




We totally understand how having to send the attachment directly to the agent email address totally defeats the purpose of a helpdesk system. 

Noe, I am going to convert your case into a ticket so that we can check the files and see what's going wrong. 

Hope that works for you!