API Additions - Filtering tickets by Customer Name, and allowing Ticket Summary with filters


We have a need to integrate the support platform into our customer platform, and we want to show the active tickets for the customer.  We can currently filter the tickets based on an email address, however most of our customers have multiple users, so isn't possible.

We would like to be able to filter on the Customer Name, which would get around this.

Also the Ticket Summary (which we use to get count of tickets), doesn't take into account the email address filter, so would like that fixed too.


Turns out the first one you can do (filter by company), the support person has corrected themselves.

The page count would be nice so not to always get back the tickets. 


We've recently introduced the Filter tickets API endpoint that would allow you to filter tickets on a specific criteria. It also gives you the total number of tickets matching the filter in the response.


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