Requester Groups for Automation and Approvals

Requester groups need a lot of love.  Their use is extremely limited and lack basic functionality that other more robust systems like Ivanti and ServiceNow have.

With a requester group I should be able to:

  1. Restrict Service Catalog Categories (Only works on individual items)
  2. Automate ticket workflows (For example, set priority or send notification when someone in the VIP group submits a ticket)
  3. Send an approval to a group (For example, a request for Salesforce access requires approval from one of two individuals in the "Salesforce Business Owners" group
Like others have requested, we should be able to manually add users to a requester group.

#3 is a big one for properly managing approvals.  The workaround is to enter individual names into the workflow, but that is a nightmare to maintain.

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We need this type of functionality as well.

+1 Yes. Please look in to this, we have similar use cases that would benefit.

Agreed, can we please get traction?

Will anyone else be at Refresh next week?  Lets see if we can't discuss this with dev.

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