New integrations (Rezo, TFS by Techaffinity, Audetemi Snaphelp, Parent Child Field Sync,, Zuper), updates to APIs and undo send, SPAM filter, and a few bug fixes - Release notes through 16th July 2019


  1. Fuzzy search is now available on the customer portal 

The fuzzy search feature used to be available only on the agent side. Fuzzy search is now available for portal-based solutions as well.

  1. Forward and set-status of a message in one click

You'll now be able to forward a message and set the status of the ticket in one click. What was originally a freshplug on the Old UI, now makes its way into the product with Mint.

  1. Prevent SPAM ticket creation

New checks are now in place to reduce the SPAM ticket creation on forwarding emails. These are applied by default on all new accounts. Existing customers can reach out to Freshdesk support.

  1. Unique user check for existing sessions through SSO 

When agents login on a browser where the previous session hasn't ended, the email address of the agent needs to be used to verify whether the same agent is logging in. If it’s not the same agent, the previous session is destroyed and the old agents are logged out, before logging in the new agent.

API updates

  1. Search company by name

You can now search for company information using just the name of the company.

Endpoint: /api/v2/companies/autocomplete?name=keyword

Method: GET


  1. Interface API for customizing Twitter reply handle is now supported

The interface API now supports pre-filling via @mentions on custom apps. Note: The twitter name value can start with or without the @ symbol.

client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id: "from", value: "@name"})

  1. Insert text in notes using the Interface API

Agents can now insert text into notes using Interface API.

  1. [Bug fix] API for creating tickets through Freshcaller

In some cases, agents weren’t able to create Freshcaller tickets through API. This is fixed.

  1. [Bug fix] Canned response API didn’t contain “created-at”

The canned response API didn’t contain fields for “created-at” and “updated-at”. This is fixed. The API documentation also includes said fields.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue: Exporting the “Tickets I’m watching” view

The export of tickets from the “tickets I'm watching” view now exports only the tickets present in the filtered view - instead of all the tickets.

  1. Fixed issue: Link popover didn’t work in the first line.

When an agent tried to hyperlink any word in the first line of the response, the popup was hidden from view. This is fixed now.

  1. Fixed issue: Agents couldn’t navigate using tab in the new ticket/email form

If the agents try to switch across fields using the tab key, it doesn't work as expected with the 'To email' field where the focus is not set. Fixed now.

  1. Fixed issue: Agent privileges for exporting certain fields from ticket export

Agents without export_customers privilege were still able to choose the name, email, or any customer-related information in the ticket export view. This resulted in an error due to which the export failed. Fixed now.

  1. Fixed issue: Error on replying to twitter DM replies

Fixed the issue where agents weren’t able to reply to a DM even if the user's handle was open to receive DMs.

  1. Undo send bug fixes

  • Fixed issue: System time interference with undo send

The undo send option wasn’t shown if the system time was set greater than the current time. This is fixed.

  • Fixed issue: Quoted text errors on undo send replies

Clicking on the quoted text option after undoing send would throw errors for the agent. This is fixed.

  • Fixed issue: Unable to send replies in quick succession

When agents replied to a ticket, and immediately, tried to reply again they weren’t able to do so. This is fixed.

  • Fixed issue: Quoted text error on Undo Send replies

When agents clicked the quoted text button, they were shown the “Error 500” message. This is fixed.

The quoted text button is now shown only on permanent replies. Show quoted text button only on permanent replies

  1. Fixed issue: Load balanced ticket assignment

Automatic ticket assignment based on the load on the agent wasn’t happening. More than one ticket was assigned to the same agent when the initially assigned ticket was in open state. This was happening when simultaneous updates were done on the tickets at the same time. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed Issue: Nested field values (sub-levels) weren’t reset

Sublevels in the dependent fields weren’t reset when the first level field was updated through public API resulting in an error when agents tried to update the ticket.

Marketplace apps

  1. Rezo: Rezo can be trained using brand-customer interactions and predict fields category, subcategory, priority, and intent. Rezo also suggests the best customer responses for your team and relieves them of searching through knowledge articles and writing responses.

  2. TFS by Techaffinity: Create work items in TFS from Freshdesk with this integration. Notes, replies, status changes on Freshdesk will reflect in TFS and vice versa.

  3. Audetemi Snaphelp: Snaphelp is a mobile self-service and customer engagement application. Agents can connect and interact (via built-in chat, video chat, one-click search) with consumers on their smartphones directly from within Freshdesk.

  1. Parent Child Field Sync: The app syncs fields between the parent and child tickets in Freshdesk. With the app, agents can change a field on a parent ticket (Priority, for example) and it is updated across all child tickets without human error.

  1. can be used to connect to 100+ apps like Salesforce, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Sheets. Automatically sync data across all agent workflows. 

  1. Zuper: Zuper app helps synchronize data between Freshdesk Tickets and Zuper Jobs. Zuper app for your Freshdesk will let you create jobs for your field workforce from the comfort of your helpdesk.

Please add /api/v2/companies/autocomplete?name=keyword to the official API documentation found here :

@Jean-Sebasiten: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll update the documentation soon.

The API documentation for searching companies by name has been updated.

You can refer to the documentation here:    

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