Checking Existing Tickets Through Customer E-Mail

Hi, I am integrating Freshdesk with a Chatbot. So far I managed to work the integration via REST API so that users are able to create a ticket through the chatbot workflow.

Now I need to allow users to check the status of their opened tickets, and I tried to do this filtering tickets by the user email:

On Postman I get the right response, something like this:



"cc_emails": [],

"fwd_emails": [],

"reply_cc_emails": [],

"ticket_cc_emails": [],

"fr_escalated": false,

"spam": false,

"email_config_id": null,

"group_id": null,

"priority": 1,

"requester_id": 77774536608,

"responder_id": null,

"source": 2,

"company_id": null,

"status": 2,

"subject": "subject",

"association_type": null,

"to_emails": null,

"product_id": null,

"id": 45,

"type": "type",

"due_by": "2019-07-15T20:00:00Z",

"fr_due_by": "2019-07-11T20:00:00Z",

"is_escalated": false,

"custom_fields": {},

"created_at": "2019-07-10T21:35:58Z",

"updated_at": "2019-07-10T21:35:58Z",

"associated_tickets_count": null,

"tags": []


] Any suggestions on how to do this? Through REST API on the Chatbot platform I could not verify existing tickets so far. Is it due to the e-mail format not being URL encoded (see attachment 1)? The parameter "" is the email informed by the user when he starts the session.

Is there any other parameter that could be used for this task? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Best,

Hugo Camargo.

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