New integration (Catch), enhancements, fixed issues with FreshID, ticket fields, and other bug fixes - Release notes through 19th July 2019


  1. Admins can audit login/logout events

Admins are now able to view agent login/logout events in the audit logs.

  1. Better visibility of Facebook reply failures

An Oauth 368 exception on Facebook is causing the replies sent from Freshdesk to fail. However, the failed replies weren’t implying that the reply had failed. This is fixed. It is now explicitly shown on the UI that a facebook reply has failed.

Bug fixes

  1. FreshID bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue: Updating FreshID

Agents weren’t able to log in, even when an inactive Fresh ID was updated with an active Fresh ID email. This is fixed.

  • Fixed issue: Sandbox and FreshID

When FreshID was rolled back for the primary accounts, some were still using FreshID on their Sandbox accounts. This is fixed.

  • Fixed issue: Edit details of agent without FreshID

Agents couldn’t edit agent details while changing the email to an agent who wasn’t using FreshID. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Slack integration failure

The slack integration failed for some customers when we rolled out a revamp for the automation feature. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Incomplete data on ticket trends

When an agent adds the “ticket trends“ widget onto the custom dashboard, it should show the “open” tickets of all agents. Instead, it was showing the open count of agents who had logged in. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Hidden company/contact names

The entire name of the company/contact wasn’t displayed due to a character limit on Mint. Agents weren’t able to find the right profile quickly as they’ve to hover for details. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Text cursor position for RTL languages

For accounts with an RTL language (such as Hebrew) set as primary, the cursor was placed on the left for the reply editor and while creating new tickets. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: 500 Error on ticket fields

The 500 error was shown for some customers during the sync between the parent and sandbox accounts. This was due to an inconsistency between ticket fields between those accounts. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Multiple satisfaction ratings

When a customer repeatedly clicked on the “Submit” rating button, the feedback was submitted several times on the same ticket, resulting in multiple satisfaction ratings on a single ticket. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Filters weren't being saved

When agents filtered tickets (in the “Agent” or “Group” fields) on the "Tickets" tab, the agent's name automatically got removed from the filter. Agents had to reapply the filter before it worked on the ticket view. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Company fields not updating

A contact can have multiple companies associated with it (one primary, and the rest, secondary). If an agent deleted the primary company and remapped the contacts to the secondary company,  the properties of the contact’s tickets were still associated with the primary company. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed issue: Search results for Canned Responses

The search results for canned responses weren’t consistent with the search term for some customers. This is fixed.

Marketplace apps

  1. Catch: This integration enables you to get your catch order messages converted into Freshdesk tickets and allows you to reply to them from the Freshdesk ticket details page.

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