New and improved automations in Freshdesk

Hello everyone,

Super excited to roll out the new and improved automations in Freshdesk. You can now set up Dispatch'r, Supervisor, and Observer rules from one place. 

Optimize your rules

With the new AND/OR operators in automations, you can now optimize the number of rules in your account. Here's to clearer and more compact rules :) 

Summary for rules

Every rule now has an auto-generated summary. You no longer have to rely on descriptions - the summary will give you a good visual overview of what every rule does.

Thank you detector (powered by Freddy)

More often than not, tickets get reopened when customers respond to just say thank you. This majorly affects resolution times.


Freddy's Thank You Detector understands the intent behind customers responses to decide whether a ticket should be closed or not when your customers get back thanking you. 

Read more here.

See who edited your rules, and how many tickets your rules affected

The new automations will now show you the number of tickets a rule was executed on, in the last 7 days. You'll also get to know who modified the rules and when it was last modified. 

See it all in action:

This feature is being rolled out in batches. You can read this article to get a brief of what has changed in automations.

Got feedback? Drop a comment in this thread.

- Sumana

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Please apply this to my account

Hi Sam,

The new automations have been added to your account :)

Could you add this to my account? 

Do you guys have finally add: "Hours when status Waiting on customer has been selected" is bigger than?

@virgil pigot  

Not sure if they did or not, but you can use "Pending" status instead of "Waiting on Customer" status.

Since "Pending" is a built-in status, while "Waiting on Customer" is a custom status (albeit included by default), then you can choose "Hours since Pending" is bigger than rule in Observer (and I assume in the new consolidated panel also).

I have needed this for a long time.  Please let me know when it is enabled for my account.

Please enable on our account!

Hi, can you enable this for our account?

I'm still seeing Dispatch'r, Supervisor and Observer - do I need to do something for the update?

Please add to my account as well!

Could we please have this added to our account - it fits exactly to create some business rules we need.

Please add this to our account as well.

Please fix your own customer service first. My ticket has been open for 2 days with no reply at all..really upset

Hi, can you please enable in our account - thanks!

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