New integrations (Azure DevOps, Kanban Board, Receptive, SMS Alert, Harvestr), total time tracked, fixed time log notes, ticket exports, canned responses, and other bugs - Release notes through 25th July 2019


  1. Total time tracked in time logs

Agents can now view the total time tracked in the time entries section.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug: truncated notes under time entries

When agents added notes to their time entries, the notes would be truncated. The other agents could see the full content only if the exported the time entries report. This is fixed.

  1. Separator (comma) for CC email addresses

A comma(,) separator is added to the CC field so that the agents can copy them easily.

  1. Fixed bug: Some mails and ticket replies were blocked

There was an issue with CSS properties sanitization that resulted in some mails and ticket replies being blocked. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Agents couldn’t signup to Freshmarketer accounts from session replay settings

A 500 error was shown when agents tried to signup to Freshmarketer from the session replay settings. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Admins of some accounts weren’t able to access their plan and billings page

Admins of some accounts weren’t able to access the plan and billings page for their accounts. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Nested fields not exported in tickets export

When an agent exported tickets, the nested ticket field properties weren’t being exported, despite being selected. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Background color pasted along with canned responses

When agents copied the canned responses from the “recent canned response” slider and pasted it in the ticket reply editor, the pasted text included the background color. This is fixed.

Apps marketplace

  1. Freshdesk - Azure DevOps (VSTS) INTEGRATIONThis integration between Freshdesk and Azure DevOps (VSTS) allows you to create, link your Azure DevOps (VSTS).

  2. Kanban Board: View Freshdesk ticket properties without opening a ticket as a Kanban board. Each ticket is represented as a card which shows the Ticket ID, Subject and Short Description, Due Date, and the agent it is assigned to.

  3. Receptive: The integration enables your support team to create, link, and track Receptive requests from within Freshdesk. Any requests created in Freshdesk can be linked to the original requester.

  4. SMS AlertSMS Alert is a powerful online SMS platform that sends thousands of SMS messages with just a click. The extension equips your Freshsales account with SMS features using the service. Send custom SMS with a friendly interface.

  5. Harvestr: Turn Freshdesk tickets into actionable customer feedback for the product team with Harvestr, a product management software. With Harvestr, you can manage customer feedback, prioritize features and communicate on your roadmap.


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