Unable to password reset one of my agents

Hello Everyone,

Im having this issue recently trying to recreate one of our agents account, that was a long time off. 

I've already reactivated his early email account, so he has access using the same account information. There wasn't a way for me to create a fresh new account since his email address was already on the system, so I proceeded to send him a reset password link.

The only problem is that whenever he tries to reset the password, the link is taking him to login into the portal showing something like "you must login to access this page"

The link received is something like this:

I tested the link logged with my account, but it doesnt reach to any page but my freshdesk dashboard.

Can you help me with this issue?


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Since your agent will be logged out, please try the link after logging out. Since you are logged into your account, the reset link might not work. 

Additionally, your agent can use the "forgot password" option on your helpdesk login page:

  • Type your URL in the address bar, hit enter and select Login. Then choose the option Are you an Agent? Login here and it will redirect you to the Freshworks page. 
  • Select Forgot password option, enter your email address and a password reset link will be sent to your email. 
  • Reset the password using the link and you can log in to the account.

Hope this was helpful :)

I have an agent that has forgotten their password. When they have hit the forgot password no verification email has arrived. Not sure how to move forward as I can not reset the password for the agent and I dont want to delete the account. Would you please look into this. The agents email address is

@Aurora, Apologies for not having been active here. I believe everything is fine now. Please write to if you have any other queries or issues and we'll be glad to assist you.