New integrations, fixed issues with sandbox sync, eBay integration, agent collision, duplicate ticket field values, agent availability status, customer satisfaction rating, and other bugs - Release notes through 30th Aug 2019


  1. Copy changes in the discard draft pop-up

The text displayed on the buttons of the “Discard Draft” popup has been changed to "Your draft will be discarded. Are you sure? Yes|No".

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug: eBay integration breakage

The eBay integration with Freshdesk wasn’t working properly. eBay messages weren’t getting converted to tickets. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Agents were able to edit customer satisfaction rating

The customer satisfaction rating had been editable by agents in certain conditions for some accounts. This is fixed. Agents can’t modify the satisfaction rating unless they have admin privileges. 

  1. Fixed bug: Missing authorization check for agent availability status

The agent availability status had been editable by agents in certain conditions for some accounts. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Comments added in JIRA creates a new ticket

The JIRA app sync was malfunctioning for some accounts. When agents added comments to archived tickets, new tickets would be created with the subject, description, and link of the old archived ticket. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Duplicate ticket field values

There was a bug that allowed duplicate values for the dropdown choices on the ticket fields page. The duplicate check wasn’t being handled in the UI. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Date field validation in ticket form isn't working properly

When there is more than one mandatory date field, customers were able to submit a ticket by entering a value for the first date field and leaving the rest of the date fields empty. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Agents received ‘notify to’ emails for private notes

The agent assigned to a ticket would receive email notifications for private notes even when the note wasn’t set to notify. This was the case when the requester for a ticket is the same as the agent adding a private note. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Agent collision doesn't work when the agent name has certain accents in it

When an agent name had certain accents, agent collision didn't work both ways for some accounts - i.e., the agent couldn’t see others viewing tickets, and others couldn’t see this agent viewing tickets. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Agent group details (in sandbox accounts) weren’t getting deleted during sync

Details of agent groups deleted in the sandbox account weren’t syncing properly with the main account. The associated agent group details weren't getting deleted. The same error was occurring during the deletion of skills. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Table borders not showing up in reply editor 

Table borders would disappear if tables were added as part of canned responses - even though borders appeared in the canned response previews. This is fixed

  1. Fixed bug: Notifications visible even when disabled

Although the “new ticket created” notification was switched off (Admin → Email Notifications → Requester Notifications), the message “The contact will receive an email about this ticket. This notification can be disabled from Admin → Email notifications”  was shown. This is fixed.

Marketplace apps

  1. Support/Group based Signature app: Agents can use dynamic signatures based on the support email to which the ticket is received or based on the groups to which the ticket is assigned to.

  2. Email Tracking: Monitor which clients are active email users and with metrics, see what fuels their engagement. 

  3. Twilio Plus: With Twilio Plus, whenever a customer sends an SMS to a service representative, highlighting a query, it is automatically sent to the Freshdesk database as a ticket.

  4. SendSafely: Attach large files up to 10GB to any Freshdesk ticket and ensure the privacy of your files with end-to-end encryption.

  5. Awaken Translate: Real-time conversational, bi-directional, voice and text translations that help you respond in your customers' native tongue in Freshdesk.


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The new App "Support/Group based Signature" seems to be exactly the same as "Signature Management".

Can you explain what is different?

Thank you

Nicolas, if I'm correct, the newer app; "App assists agents to use these signatures by default based on the support email", whilst the older one demands agent to manually insert signature. 

Hello Sara

I am currently using "Signature Management" app and it automatically adds the signature (unless more than one matches the group/product criterias).

@Sara thank you for sharing this :)

@Nicolas, We have a few Marketplace apps for adding signatures that are quite similar in their function but differ in their abilities. I'll try to explain the key differences - for more details, you can check out the respective apps.

  • Signature Management can store multiple signatures which are added to the reply editor. You can also insert a different signature from an icon on the reply editor too.
  • Signature Management Plus is an extended version. It stores multiple (45+) signatures which can be used based on the group or the product assigned to a ticket. Again, you can insert different signatures with an icon from the reply editor.
  • Dynamic Support/Group based Signature app can add signatures (with placeholders and images) based on the support email or the group to which the ticket is assigned to.

Please try out the different apps and see which suits your requirement. Hope this was helpful :)

Thanks Karthik.

Still I don't see many differences, Signature Management allows me to add placeholders and images too ;)

Support email usually is assigned to a product.

What I miss in Freshdesk is the possibility to add a signature (based on product or group or support email), automatically or with an icon, in the "New email" form.

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