Problems pasting in Edge - Clean/Keep ignored

Hi all

There have been past problems with Edge and I know everyone hates on Microsoft's browser but it's 2019 and we haz teh libraries - cross browser is NOT that hard.... -_-

Can we please get the paste (in my case, from Office products) working in Edge?

Some of my clients have locked down environments so can't install Chrome or Firefox even if they wanted to....

To reproduce:

* copy a table from Excel or a paragraph from Word

* paste into a note on a ticket. The Keep/Clean dialog appears.

* click either button - nothing happens

The lucky ones go to another browser to finish the job. The rest cry in their lattes

I'm using Edge 44.18362.329.0

with EdgeHTML 18.18362

Thanks guys - keep up the good work :)

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I'm now having this problem after the latest updates on Edge.  Pressing Keep or Clean doesn't do anything, and it definitely doesn't actually paste the text.  Given how many queries there have been on this over the years it is disappointing there doesn't seem to be a fix.

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