New integrations (Five9), fixed issues with automations, JIRA integration, toggle time activities, private notes, translation updates, dropdown fields and, other bugs - Release notes through 16th Sep 2019


  1. New role and privileges for field technicians

New role and associated privileges for field technicians, so that field technicians can no longer view contacts and companies.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug: Blank space rendered in the custom dropdown field

When agents searched in a custom dropdown field, blank values were sometimes rendered in the dropdown menu. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Translation Updates - Croatian (hr)

Translation files have been updated in Croatian (hr)

  1. Fixed bug: Admin details visible to agents

Agents in some accounts were able to view account details (like the account cancellation option) that should have been just visible to admins. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Summary / private note content in reply

When an agent was editing the summary or the private note and hadn't updated it but sent out a reply - the reply sent out contained the content of the summary/private note, and not the reply message. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Timezones weren’t displayed for the “list all business hours public API”

When an agent made use of the business hours API, the timezones weren’t showing up for every business hour for some accounts. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Toggling ticket activities shows deleted notes in ticket detail view

When an agent deleted a note, and viewed the ticket activities, the deleted note still showed. When hiding ticket activities, the deleted note would still shows up for some accounts. This is fixed.
Now, after deleting a note, if an agent views ticket activities, the ‘Deleted’ tag is shown against the particular activity.

  1. Fixed bug: JIRA integration - “user doesn’t exist” error

A reporter field can be used to specify the username of the person who creates a JIRA issue from the Freshdesk ticket detail page. Since the reporter field didn’t accept email addresses but was prefilled with the email, an error was thrown that the “user doesn’t exist”. This is now fixed. When the reporter field is mandatory, the name of the logged-in user is now taken from their email and is passed. 


  1. Fixed bug: Unable to create a supervisor rule with “Hour since #{custom_status}” field

Admins were unable to create a supervisor rule with the “Hour since #{custom_status}” field. The rule creation was failing. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: The “notify to” field was mandatory for the “add private note” action (FD-37050)

When admins create a ticket update automation (Admin → Automations → Ticket updates), the “notify to” field was mandatory. However, private notes can be added without specifying an agent, to provide enough context to help with a ticket’s resolution. This is fixed. The ‘notify to’ field is no longer mandatory

Marketplace apps

  • Five9 Freshdesk Call Control: Agents can make and receive calls via Five9 telephony from inside Freshdesk.This includes the ability to answer, reject, dial, transfer calls, and also to put them on hold. Searching for a customer’s number, creating tickets, taking notes and saving them to an existing ticket - all of these are possible as well.


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