Mobile release notes (through Sep 10)

The Freshdesk mobile app is available for download on both the iOS App Store and on Google Play for Android. We've designed our apps keeping support teams in mind, to help them respond to customers on the go. We’re also constantly working on the apps, building things that make your lives easier. 

Here are some of the updates we’ve shipped in the last three months:

  • Improvements in search

  • Updated translations

  • Field service management: your field technicians can now use the app to plan their day in advance, document problems and provide updates from the field.

  • The ability to create new contacts via the floating action button. You can also easily add contacts while creating tickets

  • Views will now show the number of tickets in them.

  • Support for the new unified Freshworks login experience

  • A way for you to easily share your ideas and report issues about the mobile app.

We’ve also made enhancements and bug fixes specifically for the iOS app, such as:

  1. Time logs feature revamp

Agents can view a list of time logs associated with a ticket and log time manually. They can also start and stop timers from the app.

  1. Copy phone numbers on long press

Agents can long-press the email address and phone number in the contacts page to copy them to the clipboard.

  1. Make phone calls directly from the app

Agents can place calls directly from the Freshdesk app

  • via the phone dialer, if Freshcaller is not connected to their account

  • via Freshcaller if it’s connected to their account and if the Freshcaller app is also installed on their device.

The agent will be taken to the App Store if Freshcaller is connected to the account but not installed on their device. Prior to this update, agents could only place calls via Freshcaller irrespective of the account settings.

  1. Performance improvements

We’ve improved the performance of the iOS app and it now has a shorter launch time. 

  1. Bug fix: crash on sending replies

Sometimes, the app crashed when an agent tried to send responses, even though the responses get sent and the ticket gets updated. This is fixed.

  1. Bug fix: Unable to send email to an email address that isn’t a contact 

Agents were unable to send email to an email address that isn’t already a contact on the account. This is fixed.

This post is a list of the significant updates from the last three months. You can follow the forum to get all our updates in the future as well. 

The Freshdesk mobile app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.


All of these updates to the mobile app, but yet I can't get a bug fix from more than 6 months ago where time entries entered from the mobile app get applied on the wrong day (it registers one day earlier) in the system.  Please fix the date issue soon!

Hello Mindrey,

Sorry about the inconvenience that you’re facing. I’ve passed your feedback to the team working on revamping the time log feature for the mobile apps. 

We’ve released it for iOS and will soon be releasing it for Android as well in a couple of weeks. Hope this was helpful.



Hi Karthik,

I appreciate the effort!  However, I just tested the iOS app from an iPhone as well as an iPad, and any time entries entered from those devices are still showing up one day earlier in the desktop browser.  I made sure that I had the latest version of the app.  Is there anything else I should do?



Hello Mindrey, 

Apologies for the delay in my response. We’ve discovered a bug where there's an issue with the timezones causing a shift in the time entry.  We're working on fixing this as soon as possible and will soon release a fix for this.

Great, thanks!

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