i spend my best days in middle school with my old friends who were the best friends i ever met. We used to hang out a lot and talk in social media a lot. but one day, when i went high school, i drifted apart. I went to another school and they all went to the same school and ever since then we lost our communication. I felt a little bit of ignorance and i felt that they forgot me, because ever since i left them they started to hang out without me, stopped tagging me on instagram posts and never asked about me except the last time (from 2 years). one called me to ask me about how i did on my final exams in middle school. now i am alone at my school. 2 years ive been struggling making friends although i made some friends but the problem is that i cannot do anything with them like i was doing to my friends before. and now i miss them badly. I cant forget them. few more years and i will graduate without seeing them. i feel shy to DM them on Instagram as they may ignore me like before and what i want to to is to get their attention. please... please i swear i am depressed as hell. i want an advice..

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Hey man.

I think you might be posting to the wrong place but I feel you. Sometimes people just drift away and it feels unfair. Just stay strong. Find something that you enjoy doing and try to be the best at it. Maybe that's video games, programming, a sport of some kind? Find value in something that you can do or make by yourself. I know for me it's programming and messing with computers. If you ever need someone to talk to, I got you. Good luck with your friend. Never hurts to try to reach out even if that means rejection. 



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