Automate every step of the way with the new enhancement on time triggers

More often than not, you’ll likely need more information from your customer or inputs from a different team before you can resolve a ticket. 

Depending on your team’s workflow, you could keep track of tickets that are pending for different reasons by customising your ticket statuses. With the new update, time triggers can be set up for custom statuses and tasks can be automated based on how long a ticket has been in a custom status. This means that you can automate every aspect of your workflow and never stress again about missing out on a pending task. 

This feature is available on the latest Estate and Forest plans. 

Things you can do with this feature

Delight customers by being proactive in follow-ups

Sometimes, your customers may forget to get back to you when you’ve requested for more information from them. With this feature, automations can follow-up after a day or two of a ticket waiting on a customer. It’s that simple to let your customers know that you care.

Collaborate more effectively 

Different features in Freshdesk make it easy to get in touch with people you need help from. But what happens when they forget to respond to you on time? As a manager, how can you avoid escalations between teams? 

By using time triggers on custom statuses, tickets with dependencies are brought to attention of the right people before it gets too late. As an example, an ecommerce company that requires the help of the billing team would use a status called “ awaiting billing team’s inputs”.  Automation rules can remind the billing team if a ticket has been pending on them for too long, and escalate the ticket if it breaches your internal SLA with them. You can ensure that no customer gets a late response because of dependencies between teams. 


Quantify delays

By making use of automations to tag tickets that have been in a status for too long, you’ll be able to identify which stage in your ticket lifecycle causes delays in resolution or response times. As examples, you can quantify how often your customers forget to get back to you, or how often your collaborators cause delays in getting back to customers. By filtering your reports based on tags, you can understand the volume and the frequency of such incidents. 

Drop a comment if you need any help in understanding how you can make use of this feature. 

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I noticed this... "This feature is available on the latest Estate and Forest plans. " We have been a customer for nearly 3 years, recently I found out we are not on one of the new "unadvertised" estate plans. Really displeased that we are ineligible for much of the new functionality because we have been a customer for so long. Instead  we have been internally classifying as Estate "old" then you have created 2 new versions of the estate plan "New 2017" and "Estate 19".

So even though we purchased the estate plan we are ineligible for some features because you have decided to create sub categories of the estate plan without notifying your users.


Can I get these added to our account?


please activate this feature for our "classic" estate account.



Nice feature, we have quite a few custom status, please add this to our account!

Any plans to change the scheduling service on which the time triggers depend to run more frequently than once per hour? We would like to implement time triggers in smaller intervals..

@Sean Woodie thank you for drawing my attention to this - I have just found out that our plan too is ineligible for this feature because we're on the "old" estate plan. We were not informed at all about this and that we would no longer be getting any of the new release features. This seems like a poor way to reward long term customers.

Sorry for replying late, folks!

Apologies, we've made a note of your feedback. We'll do the best we can to improve your experience. 

Meanwhile, not to worry, your customer success managers will continue to help you in getting the most out of Freshdesk. :) 

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