New integrations (Ziwo, Zoho Books app), quoted text in forwards actions, fixed issues with JAWS, group assignment, date field action, date selection in filters, reply editor and other bugs - Release notes through 1st Oct 2019


1. Agents can now choose to include quoted text in the forward email action

When an admin creates an automation rule (Admin → Automations → Ticket creation/Ticket updates) you can choose to include the quoted text for the forward email action.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug: CMD+Enter adds a new line in ticket replies

In some accounts, when an agent uses the Ctrl+Enter/Cmd+Enter shortcut, it inserts a new line in the ticket before sending it. This is fixed. The enter key adds a new line while the Ctrl+Enter/Cmd+Enter shortcut sends the reply.

  1. Fixed bug: Single date selection from the ticket list view

Agents weren’t able to select a single date from the ticket list view page filters on Mint. They had to pick a different start and end date. This is fixed. You can now select a single date.

  1. Fixed bug: Automation rules were failing when the condition greater than / less than operators in the "created_at" field

For some accounts, the automation rule wasn’t getting executed if the "created_at" field had a greater than/less than operator. This was allowed to be configured but the execution was not supported. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Date field action didn’t have "none" option

The ‘set date’ action in the ticket creation automation (Admin → Automations → Ticket creation) didn’t have the “none” option. This is now fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: External HTML elements weren't rendering properly in Mint 

Emails with external HTML content weren't displayed properly. This was a problem while working with digital marketing content. The margins weren’t properly replicated, and agents weren’t able to view the complete content of the email. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Incorrect group assignment

In certain accounts, when an agent tries to remove the assigned group of a ticket and reassign it to an agent (who wasn’t part of the original group) the original group name is populated, despite the agent not belonging to the group. This is fixed.

  1. Fixes for JAWS

The following bugs have been fixed for the JAWS (screen reader software) in Freshdesk:

  • Dropdown fields weren’t read out as combo boxes. Agents weren’t able to know that it was a dropdown with multiple options in it. This was the case in the ticket details page as well.

  • The tags field wasn't readout and the agents weren’t able to enter values as well.

  • The +New at the top right corner was read as “create menu” which was ambiguous.

Marketplace apps

  • Zoho books app: A two-way sync app to track time spent on Freshdesk tickets and access Zoho Books data. Get customer information from Zoho Books into your Freshdesk account and synchronize your Time logs from Freshdesk to Zoho Books.

  • Ziwo: A cloud-based contact center software to help you connect to customers via real or virtual agents with phone numbers from any country. Powerful call management with features like customizable dashboards, VIP/blacklist, customizable SLAs, outbound campaigns, auto-diallers, priority queues, etc.


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