Introducing Answer Bot, an intelligent chatbot that helps you support and retain customers-for-life

We are excited to launch Answer Bot, an intelligent chatbot that gives instant and precise answers to your customer's questions helping with instant resolutions and happier customers. But it doesn’t stop with deflection. It follows up the answers with intent-based bot conversations to engage and delight customers.

Let's take a look at the problems Answer Bot can solve for you.

Both customers and agents operate with time-constraints. Customers need instant answers and agents need to make that happen

When customers ask a question to a chatbot, they should not be made to read a laundry list of suggested articles. Their time needs to be valued.

Answer bot can deliver instant precise answers to customer’s questions helping with instant resolutions. 

Sometimes we need more information from customers to help them better

Sometimes customers ask a question with an intent in mind. For eg., if a customer asks,“The item I want is sold out! When will it be back in stock?”, it’s an indication that the customer is looking to make a purchase. Collecting customer information and notifying them when the item is available is great customer experience.

Answer Bot can be trained to tap into the intent and help customers with the next best steps by triggering a bot flow. Building bot flows is simple and does not require complex coding

There are some questions a bot is not equipped to answer. It's important to know when not to engage and let humans do the talking

Answer bot hands off such conversation to a human agent to speed up resolution and improve customer experience.

For eg. when a customer asks, 'How much discount do you offer on bulk orders?', having an agent to interact with the customer to negotiate the best pricing would be the right approach. 

Customers can ask the same question in different ways. Sometimes they could also mistype questions. In both cases, the answer needs to be precise and consistent

A customer who's looking to know the payment methods supported by your business could ask 'What are the modes of payment?' or ‘How do I pay?'. The answer to these questions remains the same. 

Answer Bot can automatically identify and suggest similar questions from customers that can be mapped to existing questions. By doing this, Answer Bot can be trained to understand the different ways customers ask questions and deliver the right answer. 

When customers ask “How are you?” to the bot “Sorry I didn’t understand” is a disappointing response

A chatbot, that can answer “I’m great thanks”, instead of “Sorry I didn’t understand”, is one that feels like it’s genuinely listening and responding to the customer. 

Answer bot is good at small talk. It can make customers feel like it’s genuinely listening and responding to them.

You can try Answer Bot if you're on:

  • The Estate Plan on both Freshdesk and Freshchat
  • Freshdesk Estate/Forest Omni-channel plan

You can set up Answer Bot by referring to the guide here

If you have feedback, feel free to drop an email to :)

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Tem em português?

Hi Rafaela,

We'd be supporting Portuguese by the end of Q4. 

Hi Akkshaya!

Are there plans to have it in Russian? :)

Hi! Could you please, activate a new bot for our account?

Hi Valeria,

Not at the moment. We'll keep you posted on that though. :)


Will be available in Spanish?

Hi Arnau,

Yes, Answer Bot will be available in Spanish by the end of Q4. :)

Do you need to have freshchat to use this feature? We have the bot setup tied to our knowledge base on freshdesk - but I don't have the above options.

Yes, Katrina. Answer Bot works with a Freshchat account. In case you don't have one, an account will be automatically created when you set up the bot. It is available on the Freshdesk Estate Omnichannel plan. 

Would you like a quick demo of how Answer Bot works? I can help you with that. I can also enable it for your account. :)


 Can we have this on our partner account?

Hi, will be available in Italian lenguage?

@Lizier: Hi Lizier, I've added Answer Bot to both the accounts. 

@Marco: Not at the moment, Marco. We'll keep you posted on that. 

So we are at the end of Q4, any news about other languages?

Thank you

Hi Admin, any update about Italian lenguage???

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