The email settings page gets a new and improved look!

We have redesigned the email settings page to simplify the entire email setup process for our users. As a part of this revamp, we have given it a new sleek look which is in line with our Mint design language. Here are some of the major improvements:


We’re introducing pagination to the list of mailboxes on the setup page. Users can now skim through their list of mailboxes much faster.

Users can also set the limit for the number of mailboxes they wish to view in a particular page.

Search bar:

We've introduced a search bar under email settings to help users search for a specific mailbox from their long list of mailboxes. 

Advanced Settings:

The advanced settings has been moved to a new tab where users can customize their email replies, empower agents to create new outbound tickets, and also allow them to personalize their conversation by choosing their own name as the sender name.

These changes will be rolled out in phases by the end of October 2019. Please let us know your feedback in the comments below!


Dont see the above changes in my account. Am particularly keen on the option for agents to personalise their own mails.



Don't see any changes in my account too ? 


@Balaji @Nicolas Sorry for the late response here. Both your accounts should be having the latest UI for the email settings page. If you aren't able to see the changes, please reach out to us on and we would be happy to help you out. 

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