RANT: this is just awful

For a helpdesk platform, this helpdesk in itself, is absolutely the worst experience imaginable.

I have been using freshdesk from the early days when it was clean and simple. Things are getting worse, not better. As far as I can see, all freshdesk is doing is finding ways to milk customers for ridiculous features that should be in the paid package. For a couple of years now, things have been getting systematically worse. its not what I signed up for anymore, and I wish they would stop reducing features, adding garbage, and breaking stuff. Right now, my response emails have now stopped working. If this can't get resolved, i guess this is the final straw and its time to move on. 

What a frustrating waste of my time this has all been.

I would not currently recommend freshdesk to anyone.

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Hello Paul,

We're sorry for the frustration this has caused and that's not the experience we want you to have. We always aim to deliver a great experience for our customer base and we are gutted when we miss the mark. 

We've sent an email to discuss this at length with you to troubleshoot further.