Enhancements to the new automations, FSM, updates to the help widget, new integrations (Out of office, Appointment reminder, Zoho CRM, MOBtexting), fixed issues with saving sort order, activation email, automations, the eBay channel, and other bugs - Rele


  1. Number of tickets impacted by automation rules

When an admin searches for an automation rule, the search results will now show the number of tickets impacted by the rule.

  1. Increased limit for the number of Facebook messages

Earlier, only 25 messages were being converted to tickets on Freshdesk. This limit is now increased to 100 messages.

  1. Remove branding from the widget

Admins can remove the Freshworks branding (⚡️by Freshworks)  from the help widget. This can be done by toggling Freshdesk branding OFF under Admin > Helpdesk. 

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed bug:  Issue with saving the sort order in account setting

When admins tried to change the conversation sort order (Admin > General settings > Helpdesk) to show the newest conversations first, the setting wasn’t getting saved in some accounts. This is fixed now.

  1. Fixed bug: Activation email not being sent on new contact creation 

When a ticket is created via the support portal, sometimes the activation email wasn’t being sent to the contact. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Unnecessary error message for some pages

An error message was displayed for some accounts when agents searched for a ticket while “show activities” was turned on.  This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: Old messages from Facebook converted to tickets

Accounts were receiving older messages from Facebook as tickets. This is fixed.


  1. Fixed bug: Automations issue with "hours since pending"

When automation rules were made with an action to select a text box, the automation rule wouldn’t be executed. This is fixed. 


  1. Fixed bug: Inline images attachment issues with eBay channel

Attachments/images weren’t working in the eBay channel. When an attachment/image was uploaded to a reply in eBay, it wouldn’t reflect on Freshdesk. When an attachment/image was uploaded in Freshdesk as a reply to an eBay ticket, it wouldn’t show up on eBay. This is fixed.

  1. Fixed bug: The interface API wasn’t changing disabled fields in the ticket list page

In the ticket list page, the ticket fields retain the initially selected values of disabled fields even when a new value is assigned using the interface API. This is fixed.  

Marketplace apps

  • Out of office: Administrators can reassign tickets and configure auto-response emails when agents are out of office. When a ticket is assigned to an absent agent, the Out of Office app will reassign it to another group or agent as configured by the administrator. The app can also send an automatic reply to the customer informing them of the absence of the agent with a tentative date of when they would receive a response.

  • Appointment reminder: When a service tasks (FSM) are created for a ticket, a field service agent will visit the requester at the appointed time. A reminder email about the visit can be sent to the ticket requester with the app. This ensures that the customer is aware about their appointment with the field technician.

  • Zoho CRM: The Zoho CRM app lets you handle all your sales and support within Freshdesk. All customer information (lead and contact details) are all automatically synced to Freshdesk

  • MOBtexting: MOBtexting can be used to interact with customers via a two-way SMS channel for Freshdesk. Get notified through SMS on ticket updates for ticket creation, ticket status changes, and any new replies/public note on a ticket.


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