How can I get support FROM Freshdesk, regarding issues with Freshdesk??

I am trying to create a Freshdesk ticket within the support portal of Freshdesk, regarding an issue with ticket creation.

I accidentally entered the wrong email address into Freddy the chat bot, now he keeps creating tickets to an email address that I can't activate. 

How do I create a ticket in my own account? I'm logged into Freshdesk, I am on the tickets tab, but there isn't a "Create Ticket" anywhere.

I have "connected" with an agent in Freddy, but the only response I've received in the last 90 minutes is "thanks for connecting with me". I tried breaking the connecting and starting again, but it just connects me to the same agent that doesn't respond to anything I ask.

I would like to just create a ticket about my original issue, then go back to my normal day job, until Freshdesk has a chance to help me as this has already been almost 2 hours of my day and I have nothing at all to show for it.

Anyone know how to reset the password stored in Freddy the chatbot?

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Whoops, not the password - I need to change the Email address stored in Freddy, to the one on my account..

Hello there,

We are sorry to hear about this. 

The current email address mapped to your profile is Please write an email to support(at) if you'd to change your profile email address. 

The reason why tickets were closed is that multiple tickets were created from your end and to track the issue better all the secondary tickets were merged into the primary one.

Are you still facing trouble with the email to ticket conversion? If yes, please write to support(at) and one of our support folks will assist you further on this.