30 ticket limit in API handicapping functionality

Freshdesk's api limits requests to 30 tickets per call. This means plugins officially maintained by Freshdesk are not useful. Case in point, Kanban Board. The whole point is to see all tickets currently assigned to oneself in columns based on their status. If I have to page through tickets 30 at a time i can't get big pictures of what's on my plate. 
Either we need this limit removed/increased or we need a Kanban board that can do it's job in Freshdesk. Even the thread that announced the kanban app (https://support.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/298212) has a message about this specific thing. 

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Hello Justice,

By default, the api response is capped to showing only the first 30 results. You can use the per_page parameter in your request to fetch upto 100 records per call. You can read more about this here. Do you think this would help you to manage the tickets better?


Thanks for the reply, but no. Problem is that the official Kanban Board app provided by freshdesk doesn't do that. It uses the default 30.

This is a problem for us as well. Makes the kanban app totally useless unfortunately if I have to scroll between pages.

Also, the 30 ticket limit is applied BEFORE any filtering in the configuration - Since my Status-based config is only showing certain (unresolved) statuses, I don't even get close to 30 tickets in my kanban view, right now it's only showing eleven tickets. 

Same for us. The limit is constricting and takes more time to view and click through the pages,

Hello, I have opened a ticket a long time ago about this issue.

The Kanban plugin still useless, as it load just 30 tickets and some times we have more than this opened.

My ticket already have spider webs like this topic... no move, no sight of a helping hand.

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