{ticket.url} includes https even on http plans

Although Blossom plan stil can't be SSL encrypted (which is insane in 2019 - why not allow us to pay for the certificate or bring our own?), the {ticket.url} tag in returns the url with https as protocol, resulting in alarming messages when the customer opens the link.

It should be http for non-encrypted subdomains.

Is there something planned about this? This looks like a major issue…

Part of our team is actually moving away from Freshdesk because they can't retrieve a ticket from a notification e-mail easily.

Hello Fabrice!

Apologies for the delay in response. When the placeholder, {{ticket.url}} is used, this would generate the default support portal ticket URL in the form of  in the email notifications and it would be https as the default support portal is secure. 

If you want the ticket URL to be specific to the product portals you have configured, kindly use the placeholder "Product specific ticket URL" {{ticket.portal_url}}. This would generate http/https based on the product portal security. 

Also, I'm happy to inform you that an SSL certificate for a custom portal is free of cost to our customers. Please drop an email to to get SSL certificate enabled for your portals.