Additional formatting options added to the editor!

While we've been working on some exciting big features over the past few months, we were equally committed to making some small yet impactful changes. We've made the following changes/additions to the text editor in Freshdesk to make it even more powerful. 

1. Showing the formatting options upfront without the need to click the 'A' icon (formatting toolbar) every time

2. Ability to insert tables 

3. Ability to indent text 

4. Reset to Default Font - Helps you to maintain font uniformity in your replies. When you copy-paste content from an external source, you can use this option to reset the font style of the text to the default style.

5. Highlight code snippets in your replies, forwards, or notes using the code block option. 

Have any suggestions/feedback to share? Drop a comment on this thread.

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Are there any plans to improve the forum so that it supports the below formatting toolbar that is found on Solution articles? For example, change font size.


Also it would be brilliant if this could stick to the top of the screen as you scroll down. 

Hi Aravind, a suggestion or request. It would be also a help to implement a size menu to the default fond menu. Our customer would like to have Verdena 9 but we only support Verdena 10.5. And even with the new editor we´re still not able to change the font size. - Even it makes no sense to change the font size on every single reply - . Maybe this is on the roadmap? The ideal solution for us is to define a standard font and font size for every product.

An another huge step would be to implement the solutions text editor into the automations section in the admin interface. Especially to edit the auto replies which currently is really a pain. 

However I like the direction. Thank for the update!

Guys - great that you're doing this - but I'll be honest - I'd LOVE it if you'd turn off the remove space feature when I click back on my keyboard. This came out about a year ago and I have no clue why... but myself and my entire staff are mind boggled as to why when we click backspace if the character is the first character it actually goes back two spaces (thus deleting the space and the character). 

I'm not sure how to describe it any better than that - but it defies ALL word processing logic. Especially to those of us who can type well over 100 words per minute. When I backspace - it should only EVER backspace one character - I don't care what the thinking is - it should NEVER backspace two characters.

What about bug fixes? The current editor is really poor, selected text doesn't un-select, formatting isn't applied to selected text (I try to un-bold bolded text and nothing happens). 

@Sven, Glad that you're liking the update. And yes, you're right. We've quite a few exciting updates related to the text editor in the coming weeks and we just can't wait to enable them for you soon!

@Shawn, That's one annoying bug that has somehow crept back in. It's something that's broken and not a feature we've added (Excuse me if I didn't catch your sarcasm!). As I'm writing this, our developers are already on the case and you can expect a fix to be rolled out soon!

@Brigitte,  We'd love to improve the overall experience with the text editor and it just doesn't stop with adding new features. We're already working on a few bug fixes - backspace issue for example. The issues you've highlighted - do they happen when you copy-paste content from an external source?


@Aravind it happens with all text, not just text that is copied and pasted. If I select text with the cursor, it often won't un-select when clicking away, either, which is extremely irritating. I can log a ticket if this isn't known behaviour

@Aravind - I've noticed you have fed back to people on this forum topic which is great to see. However is there are reason why my comment has been missed (also knowing it has gained a like from someone else)?

@Brigitte, I could see some random occurrences where this doesn't seem to work but I tried selecting and unselecting a text in my test instance and it seems to work 100%. I'm on a Mac and using the latest version of Chrome. 

Are you able to recreate the scenario every time you select and unselect a text or is it very random? Can you please share your OS and Browser details for us to debug this further?



Would it be possible to add the keyboard shortcuts  to unordered and ordered in the Reply /add note option?  ( like you guys have on this forum CTRL+SHIFT+7  and CTRL + SHIFT+8).

@Aravind Hello Arvind,

Is there any plans to incorporate an "undo" button into the editor? It would make the process of editing the knowledge articles as well as tickets so much better in my opinion. Just wondering if anyone has asked for this ability / any plans to incorporate.



Reply with code snippets using the text field editor:

Customer support often calls for sharing code snippets to assist your customers now and then. Use the new Code block option in the text field editor to highlight codes in replies 

I've had comment from one of my colleagues that the remove formatting feature doesn't remove the background colour of the text, thus the replies can look a bit odd in the list. Could this feature also remove the background colour too please?

@Aravind S, I am having the same problem with text selection as Brigitte Cornwell mentioned. If you select a piece of text, clicking elsewhere doesn't unselect it. It happens every time. I am using Windows 10 with the latest version of Google Chrome. 

Still no WYSIWYG editor, what a shame. How hard can it be? Can't even make our signatures look right. Pretty disappointing. 

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