SSL and DNS of Freshdesk and Freshmarketer not working!!! HELP!!

Hi Freshdesk,

We are working now more than 6 weeks together to fix my ssl dns settings for my fresh desk page. And we tried to put the dns for freshmarketer. And both still doen't work. Both servers are worthless at the moment.

Can you explain me what we are doing wrong? I am going to believe that your service will not match our requirements and that your customer care is not able to fix te problem. 

Please make sure that someone calls or email us with expert knowledge of dns setting. Please make sure that some generally customer care employe with no knowledge of dns settings will call me, because that will not fix the problem.

Please help!!


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Hello Niek,

We are sorry for the delay in getting your issue fixed and we regret the inconvenience caused.

We believe your issue has been sorted by one of our support agents. Please feel free to write to in case of any further queries.