You can now send attachments through your social channels!

Social media, as a channel, has been quite effective in building customer engagement. Customers usually reach out to the business on Facebook or Twitter expecting swift responses, and this will have a direct impact on a business’s brand.

In order to help your support team provide a better customer experience for your social customers, Freshdesk will now support sending attachments on Facebook and Twitter replies. 

Your agents can now,

  • Engage with your customers using images or GIFs to make your interactions more human
  • Send out user manuals in the form of PDFs (in Facebook) to help your customers with complex workflows
  • Quickly share a screencast to run your customers through functionalities that can’t be easily explained over a private chat

We hope that this feature is a valuable addition in our journey to make Freshdesk a powerful omnichannel helpdesk solution. We’ll be rolling this feature out in batches by the end of this week. We’d love for you all to try this feature and let us know what you think!

It would be good to be able to attach images in Facebook messages too. We often find that when we're replying to customers, we send them an image in the response. We can't do this from Freshdesk at the moment. 

Does this work?when sending an image it says "not sent"

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