Changes to the popup feedback widget

The feedback widget is a simple form you can put on your website. When your customers submit a question using the form, a ticket gets created in your Freshdesk account. The feedback widget is available as a popup version and as an embedded version. 

In March 2019, we launched the new help widget. It was intended as a replacement for the popup feedback widget. Since then, hundreds of Freshdesk customers have tried out the widget, and have been using it on their websites. They've given us their ideas and suggestions, and we've been making several improvements since we launched.

The help widget is on par with functionality offered by the popup feedback widget. It's also customizable with your branding, has APIs for advanced functionality, a better screenshot option and more. You can learn more about these features here.  

On March 31, 2020, we will be deprecating the popup feedback widget and moving all our customers to the new help widget. If you're already using the popup feedback widget on your website, you'll need to create a new help widget, and replace your existing popup feedback widget with the help widget.

The embedded feedback widget will continue to work on your sites. It will be renamed as 'Feedback form' in the Admin page. If you need help with replacing the popup feedback widget with the new help widget on your site, please reach out to If you don't see the help widget on your account, please get access here from this page.

Hi, FreshDesk Developers!

I really like the improvements to the new help widget. It looks very modern and has great functionality. I don't know if others have voiced these two feature requests, but it would be nice if one or both of the following were incorporated into the widget. Once a user searches a topic and selects a support article, could there be:

1. A link or button to print the article


2. A link or button to open up the article on the support site

Currently, when someone searches and selects an article, it renders within the widget window itself and does not allow for resizing, viewing natively on the support site, or printing to hard copy.

Thank you all for your hard work!


Hi Mike, the ability to open the article and view it in a bigger area on the same page - that's in our plans :)


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