Mobile release notes (through Nov 10)

The Freshdesk mobile app available on both Android and iOS has gone through some enhancements to make support on-the-go a reality. We’ve also fixed some bugs.

Here are some of the updates:

  • Have you been in instances where you remembered the name of the customer and not the company, or vice versa? Worry no more if you’re in such a situation again. You can now search for contacts and companies individually. A common list displays both of these.

  • The Freshdesk mobile app (for support agents and Field technicians) can be used to log in their work time. The agents can now:

  • View time logs for each service task/ticket

  • Create manual logs for the time they’ve already spent on a task/ticket

  • Add notes 

  • Start/ stop the timers

  • Swipe each log for quick actions like start, stop, edit & delete

  • We’ve added options to sort conversations to follow either oldest to top order or newest to top flow. You can configure your preferred flow in account settings.

Apart from these common enhancements, the individual platforms of the apps have also got some updates.



  • The send button seemed to be disappearing when canned responses were inserted. We’ve now caught hold of it and made sure agents can send canned responses as ‘send’ can no longer disappear.



  • The app had a limit of 15MB attachment limit. But let’s be real, no one can imagine, more like picturise solving tickets with such low data limit for attachments. So we’ve increased the limit to 20 MB. 

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