Introducing Article Versioning in Freshdesk Knowledge Base!

Hello everyone,

We're super happy to announce the launch of Article versioning for our shiny new Knowledge Base

Article versioning

Every article in your Knowledge Base will go through a series of updates and multiple users will contribute to the content. With Article Versioning, you can track every change made to the article and get complete visibility over it. 

You will be able to track the entire timeline of an article to find out its evolution and understand its various status transitions. 

Audit versions

The intuitive timeline lets you quickly scan through various versions of an article and helps you understand who made the changes and when the changes were made. 

Compare versions

Freshdesk provides an advanced diffing mechanism to highlight the exact changes made to an article with visual representation of the content that was added and removed in a specific version.

Restore versions

Whenever an older version seems relevant, you are in complete control - simply click on Restore and make it the current version for your customers. 

Don't forget to give it a try and share your valuable feedback here. You can learn more about the feature here

- Sajesh

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