Clear first response due when agent and contact are the same

We have instances where an agent might want to open a ticket for themself and they are the appropriate agent and contact. When doing this, it is impossible to clear the first response due flag unless you change the contact to someone other than yourself and add a reply or public note. 

The issues we have with this annoying workaround:

  • Extra step of setting the contact temporarily to anything other than yourself just to send a pointless reply/public note
  • Sends an unnecessary email notifications to that temporary contact

Can we have a setting that says if Agent and Contact are the same, first response due does not apply?

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Hello Tim,

Since the first response due is essentially calibrated with respect to a user who is not a part of the helpdesk keeping in mind the issue raised, it would be required for the user to be a legit requester and not a pseudo requester. We are afraid we would not be able to bring in this option now. However, we would be able to automate the change of requester through an automation for tickets raised by agents. Hope that helps.


@Aishwarya can you show how to setup this automation? 

Hello Kyle!

You can trigger a webhook via automation to update the requester when tickets are raised by agents. Refer to this link to get detailed insights on using webhook in Freshdesk.

Hope this helps. Feel free to drop an email to for further queries! :)