Introducing the Omnichannel Customer Timeline!

The all-new Omnichannel Customer Timeline feature of Freshdesk aims at facilitating a platform where users can unify customer data from different sources, say a shopping cart where they’ve added an item or a payment gateway where they completed a payment, etc., to create a timeline of interactions they have had with the customer. This will help agents get quicker context on the customer’s problem, based on their previous interactions, and help them provide a better customer experience. 

Here are the features that make the omnichannel customer timeline:

The Timeline:

The customer timeline provides agents with the complete journey of the customer before they reach out to the business. This will have all the key activities, i.e, the past interactions with the support team through various channels such as chat, phone, email, etc. With this, agents will get a swift understanding of the problem the customer has reached out for, and help them accordingly.

The timeline will also be visible in the ticket requester widget, so the agents can quickly skim through the past interactions and activities of the customer.

The Activity API: 

Besides the default activities we provide, admins can also make use of our activities API to bring in external activities from third-party applications, so the timeline is populated with all the relevant information an agent is looking for about the customer. Once agents click on a particular activity, they'll get more information about the activity, with the help of the activity API.

We hope these features will help you and your agents with better customer visibility. We’d like you to try these features and let us know your feedback!

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It seems interesting.

How can I use the Activity API?

The API doc doesn't reference this method.

Thank you

The ability to import data from other systems to the timeline seems like a neat feature. Is there documentation on how to do this?

The API feature looks interesting. Especially if it's going to be possible to get transaction data and notes from several other systems forwarded to Freshdesk to have a complete history of the account, that would be amazing.

@Nicolas @Kevin @Mike Thank you for your interest. We'll be putting up the documentation for the API in a couple of weeks. 

Hi, is there any documentation what is shown in the timeline and what not. We have customers with several tickets but non of those tickets are mentioned in the timeline. 


@Freshdesk - Couldn't you use the API for this customer timeline to give us a log of when activation mails were sent and accepted for our contacts?

Some companies have a very open portal and everything is done automatically by self registration. Companies like us manage contact's access very closely; we make the accounts for people and send their activation ourselves. I think in both cases though, having this log in the timeline would be really appreciated by ALL helpdesks.

Still waiting for a documentation.


In our daily work we quite often change ticket's details - mostly email, and it is done via custom apps. Those altered tickets don't show up in Timeline (they were visible with the previous Tickets visualization). Is there anything we can do about it? Or can we switch to the older version? 

Thank you

Thank you

This is fantastic! any updates on documentation @pranav?

This looks great. Is it possible to filter out certain ticket types when displaying this timeline? As we wouldn't want every single ticket type for a client to be showing on this timeline or sidebar widget.

Hi all,

Sorry for the silence here. The Activity API is taking longer than we expected. We're still working on it. You should be hearing back from us over the next two weeks. 
@N.galdusova Updating a requester of a ticket as of now doesn't get captured in the timeline. I.e the ticket still shows in the contact A's timeline(who raised the ticket) and won't in the timeline of contact B(which has been updated against a ticket). This is being looked into and will be addressed over the next two weeks. 
@Antony Thanks for sharing this feedback. That's quite useful I agree. We'll consider adding the activation email events to the timeline as well. 

@Pranav, any news on the Activity API documentation for this feature? Thanks!

Any real ETA on this? Thank you

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