Enhancements to Automations, API, Knowledge base, Facebook channel, Contacts & Companies

1. Advanced Automations

Admins can now setup automations to make changes to the parent/tracker ticket based on the creation/updates of child/related tickets. It is available for accounts that have advanced ticketing available (Estate and Forest'19 plans).

2. Increase company per contact limit to 500

A contact can now be mapped to 500 companies now.

3. Scheduling Dashboard for FSM

Scheduling Dashboard helps agents to get a holistic view of the field agent's schedule so that they can assign tasks efficiently.

4. Editor enhancements

Ability to insert tables, increase/decrease indent for text and 'Reset to default font' option to reset any selected content to the default font style.

5. Making the 'company' field in new ticket form searchable

When a contact is creating a new ticket, the contact will be able to search for the companies on behalf of which they want to raise a ticket.

6. Ability to create an ‘Agent’ using API

The agents can now be created using API. Check this link for more information.

7. List of articles with author as 'Deleted agent'

With the new k-base, you can now filter articles with authors who are deleted agents so that you can quickly update the author information and change ownership.

8. Filipino on Freshdesk

You would now be able to use Filipino as your helpdesk language. You can add the language from Admin > Helpdesk > Manage languages.

9. 'Approve an article' permission for new knowledge base

A  content manager will now be able to approve a solution article when they have 'Approve an article' permission in their knowledge base. The new permissions will be available only for accounts with the approval feature.

10. Create/Update Agent skills using API

The Skills API now supports creating and updating an agent’s skills. For example, if an account has the skill based round robin feature, the admin can associate an agent with skills when creating an agent or updating an agent's details. You can read more about this here.

11. Facebook settings page revamp

Comments from ‘Ad posts’ can also be converted as tickets now! This can be enabled from Admin > Facebook settings page. This option will be available only for Estate & Forest customers.

12. Display priority under customer timeline

The customer timeline tab in the contact details page has been updated to show the ‘priority value’ along with the other ticket properties.

13. Ability to set a default font size

You'd now be able to set a default font size for all replies in Freshdesk. You can find this option alongside the font family setting under Admin > Email notifications section.


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Hi. I would like to know more about the Editor enhancements and 'Approve an article' permission for the knowledge base. Can you direct me to the help docs for these features?

@Gunjan, You can read more about the 'Reset to Default font' option here - https://support.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/37562-replying-to-a-ticket. Apart from this, we've added a bunch of options in the editor as mentioned in the post. You can try them out in the ticket details page :)

The Approval workflow is being rolled out in batches and you'll soon see an article with a detailed explanation about the feature.


Nice update! How do I get the list of articles with a deleted agent? We have a ton of these right now and it's becoming a chore, as the admin, having to switch them each time. Thanks!

nice update. you guys are awesome. keep it up and best wishes from black boys.

nice update. very useful. thumbs up guys.

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