Introduced new integrations like Auto - update ticket priority, Google Business reviews, Evaluagent and much more. Fixed issues with automation rules, ticket replies and spam emails and ticket fields.


1. Unable to set up DKIM

Due to some exceptions in the response, DKIM validation failed. We've now modularised the code better to handle such cases.

2. Better SPAM validation in the portal for logged in users

To mitigate spam, CAPTCHA will be enabled even if it's a logged-in user if the limit (20 tickets/5 minutes) gets breached.

3. Quoted text in email

Emails forwarded via Automations doesn't include quoted text even if the option is toggled on. This is fixed now.

4. Issue with replying to Facebook comments on MINT

Replies to a comment on a post gets added as a new comment instead of being inline. This is fixed now.

5. Validation fails when the condition includes multiple requester emails

For some accounts, when an automation rule is created or updated, if the email address has more than four characters in the top-level domain (for example - .online, .commm etc,) the admin is prompted with the error "Please enter a valid email address". This is fixed now.

6. Agent - Group mismatch

When an agent un-assigns the group on a ticket and updates just the agent, the ticket was still with the original group set on the ticket. This happens when the group is set as the default for the specific support email under Admin > Email. This is fixed now.

7. Customer SSO settings disabled issue

When an admin edits settings under security on an account where FreshID V1 is enabled, the SSO was getting disabled for customers. This is fixed now.

8. Unable to attach files while forwarding

When an automation rule was used to add an attachment to a forward note, the attachments would fail. This is fixed.

9.  Quick reply not working in tickets

Agents can hover over the ticket subject on the ticket list view page, click reply and send a quick reply. However, agents weren’t able to send a quick reply from the ticket list view. This is fixed.

10. Unable to attach files while forwarding

When an automation rule was used to add an attachment to a forward note, the attachments would fail. This is fixed.

11. ‘Outdated’ status for translated articles not visible

Agents weren’t able to access the outdated articles view on the knowledge base. The ‘Outdated’ status wasn’t shown near appropriate articles, as the status overlapped with 'Draft'/'Published'. This is fixed now.

12. Unable to create a dependent field in Admin>Ticket fields

There was an issue where the agents were not able to create a dependent field under ticket fields. This was because of the invalid parameters that were passed in the request. This is fixed now.

13. CC emails getting dropped in tickets

The requester adds a person A in CC. Person A responds back to the ticket with person B in CC.

When the agent replies, it's sent only to the requester and person A and not to person B. Since person B is added by someone in CC (not a requester or an agent), the email address gets dropped. This is fixed now. Emails in CC won't be removed unless the agent or requester manually removes it.

14. Convert to agent button was not disabled on click 

The convert to agent button was not disabled even after the button was clicked. This has been fixed now.

15. Solution article creation using v1 API (with tags) was failing

When an article was created with tags using the v1 API, it threw an error. This has been fixed now.

16.  Issue with responding to tweets

Agents weren’t able to reply to non-ticket tweets from the social stream. This is now fixed.


17.  Issue with Freshsales integration


When email isn't part of the response that comes from Freshsales, the agent was unable to create a contact or lead using the integration widget. This is fixed now.


18. Making Full name as non-mandatory in contact creation API


While trying to create a New >> Ticket, agents are prompted to create new contact as well if the user is not present in the system already. This is fixed now.


19. Recently used templates are not showing up


Even if a particular template is used multiple times, it doesn't show up in the list of recently used templates. This is fixed and an option to insert Parent-Child templates in the outbound email page is also enabled.


20. Breakage in 'Disable' fields

When a field is disabled (Interface API/archived tickets), the form appears to be broken. This is fixed now.




*Auto-update Ticket Priority

Assign the priority of Freshdesk tickets based on how close the resolution date is. Admins can choose a range for each priority (Urgent, High, Medium, Low) and the  app updates the priority of the tickets that come in, based on the resolution date.

*Ticket Timer

Automatically record the time you spend replying, adding notes, or forwarding a ticket. Start, pause, resume, and reset the timer if you’re interrupted, or if you’re facing an error. Paused timers resume automatically if you reply, add a note, or forward a ticket.

*Link to parent

Associate a ticket to another ticket as its child ticket with this integration. Agents can link already existing tickets as parent-child tickets. Eliminate the need to create a new child ticket and associate an existing ticket as a child ticket.

*Set Twitter Handle

Simplify the process of replying to customer tweets from Freshdesk with a preassigned a Twitter handle to manage all responses. Admins also have the option of assigning a preferred Twitter handle based on the Group of the ticket.


Bring in all the cloud storage features of Box into your Freshdesk account. Share links to your resources like guides, videos, and screencasts without worrying about attachment limits. Customers can also attach their files from Box online storage (such as crash dumps, error reports, or videos from Box online storage).


Empower agents to answer customer queries using this knowledge management integration from within Freshdesk. Reduce documentation errors, save time during call documentation, and maintain a centralized repository of knowledge.

*55PBX Softphone PABX virtual

Integrate with Freshdesk and have all customer information on the same screen. Easily create and edit interactive voice responses. Respond to your customers with text to speech. Virtual PBX Softphone offers complete telephone call center solutions.

*Loyally - Broadsoft Call Control

Integrate Broadsoft telephony inside Freshdesk with Call Control by Loyally. Answer, reject, dial, transfer and hold calls. Automatically create tickets for inbound calls and lookup customers for inbound calls. Start, pause, and resume call recordings.

*Euphoria Cloud Phone

Access your Euphoria Cloud Phone from within Freshdesk. Make and receive calls in Freshdesk using Euphoria. During calls, the integration shows the caller profile (notes, tickets and other details). Other features include muting, holding, transfer, DTMF, and volume control.

*WIldix CTI Calling

Answer calls from any page of your Freshdesk dashboard. Click any number in your contacts or tickets page to quickly make a call. Auto-detect existing contacts and create new contacts from any page on Freshdesk via a popup.

*Genesys PureCloud Freshdesk Call Control

Have full control over your Genesys PureCloud telephony from inside Freshdesk. Agents can answer, reject, dial, transfer and hold calls. During a call, agents can lookup customer details, create new tickets, look at existing tickets, add notes, and update ticket properties.


Enable your customer support team to answer customers’ SMS responses.


Use Textline to send and respond to text messages directly from your customer support desk.

*Google My Business

Integrate and reply to your Google Business Reviews and Questions from Freshdesk. Fetch the latest reviews/questions of Google My Business and create a Freshdesk ticket automatically.


Create user-friendly documentation, author in Markdown, and manage multiple versions. Search through your solution articles, link them or create them from your current reply.


Easily evaluate, coach and engage your agents using the EvaluAgent integration. Connect and import real-time Freshdesk conversations. Evaluate agents, conversations, and tickets across all channels. Generate and share reports with advanced analytics.


Connect to your users’ devices right from within your tickets. Initiate a remote desktop connection to your users’ computers to provide support. The recording of the remote session is automatically inserted into the ticket.

*Virtual Observer

Virtual Observer provides solutions for workforce management, omnichannel recording, screen capture, quality management, speech analytics along with dashboard reports.


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