Typing starts back to the beginning


I've had a few users complain in the last couple of days of a new bug whilst typing.

So within the text field box replying to customers, the cursor starts back to the beginning after half way through typing a sentence. 

They have told me they have noticed this in the past 3-6 days. I've had 3 users complain about this. Any ideas?



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Hi, Sam.

This usually occurs when you have added some text and placeholders on your agent reply template. When an agent clicks on reply, it would take a second or two for this information to get pulled in but if the agent starts typing right away before the text loads up from the reply template, the cursor would move back to the beginning of the text once the reply editor loads completely.

You can prevent this by simply giving a second for the reply editor to load after clicking on reply, before you start typing in anything.

I hope this is helpful. Do write to if you have any further concerns.

Happy supporting!