Can't select an assigne in Jira ticket integration

When trying to create an Issue from a new ticket using the 'Create a new issue' link in the Jira tab on a Freshdesk ticket. I see a list of users from Jira. But I'm unable to select any.

The only option that will allow to be selected is 'unassigned'. 

I've tried with multiple projects in Jira and they all behave the same. 


I can't select any users from the list


Only Unassigned is selectable


When selecting any other users it just reverts to -- and I'm unable to create ticket


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I have a similar problem. It used to work well but noticed that I only get "undefined" users from the reporter or assignee dropdown lists. Resetting the integration with a new JIRA API key did not solve the issue.


Hello Luke and Nico,

Apologies for the delay in getting back. 

Yes, we did face an issue with the reporter and assignee fields not getting populated. This was due to an API response change made at JIRA's end. Updating your JIRA app from admin-->Apps should have fixed this issue.

Please drop an email to if you still face any similar issues and our support team will help you get it sorted.